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— The Foyer —


Visitors enters the museum through the beautiful foyer. Please sign the guestbook and take a brochure. We have a few special items available for purchase.


Civil War Log

One of the unique features in the foyer is the glass-encased log you can see as you enter. The details about its origin and why it is under glass is explained in a letter, which is found in a frame hung on the glass case.

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Original Deed to Gouverneur

Hanging in the Museum Foyer, is the original deed to Gouverneur Township. It was given by Gouverneur Morris to James and John Parker on October 1, 1808.

If you click the photo, you can magnify for a closer look. The handwriting is faded from the years and isn't very readable, which is why it is often covered in a black felt cloth, to protect it.

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