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This is a snapshot of the radio shop owned by A.K. Storie and Son. Pictured in the photo are Ray and Victor Woodworth.


In 2012, the Music Room acquired an automated motor for the Beckwith Player Piano. The piano was once owned by Professor William Sudds. Listen to a song.

More about William F. Sudds

Harold Storie was the first curator of the Museum (in what had been the Presbyterian "Manse.") in his role as Town Historian. The keys to the Manse were presented to Harold Storie on November 7, 1974.

At this time, the Village Historian was Nelson Winters. The President of the Historical Association was Eugenia Huntress.


The Music Room is home to a number of rare radios and recording players. One of the more unique is the Edison home phonograph. It still works. The recordings are on cylinders instead of a flat disc.

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Harold Storie at his radio.

This original news article is fastened to the back of the photo of Harold Storie at his radio.

A number of radio outlets have been installed in this village, but one of the most interesting is that found in the home of Harold Storie, which has been constructed almost entirely at home through the ingenuity of Mr. Storie, who himself constructed the homemade outfit, purchasing, of course, the necessary phones, vacuum tube, bolts and wire. He has successfully received from the Pittsburgh and Newark broadcasting stations, whenever conditions were favorable for wireless work. 

The vario-condensers were made of ice cream cartons, the plates of condenser of an aluminum pail, and the rheostat from a piece of the heating element of an electric heater. Old storage battery jars, sheet aluminum and battery vent caps were also used.

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