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This NY State Militia uniform was worn during the War of 1812. The man who wore it was a member of the Dragoons, which was mounted Infantry. The 1st Light Dragoons fought in the Battle of Sackett's Harbor. This battle took place on May 29, 1813. 


Learn more about the battle and uniform.

The upstairs room known as "The Military Room" pays homage to all those who've served our country. The artifacts and uniforms represent the War of 1812, the Civil War, the World Wars and even those who serve on a local level, our police officers.


As you walk the perimeter of the room, you see photographs of those who once wore or used the items. As you read about the people, you get a deeper sense of their quiet sacrifices. The uniform is not the story, the specific war is not the story, it is all about the person who once wore that uniform.


Sgt. Geraldine Miller enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1943. Before the war, Ms. Miller taught in Norwood and Morley. Upon discharge, she moved to Miami, FL where she taught for 40 years.


This WWI uniform was worn by Master Sgt. Emmett S. Brundage of Wallkill, NY. Sgt. Brundage (1893-1981) served as an instructor of gas warfare at Camp Gordon, GA, during WWI.


This Air Force uniform was worn by Major Clarence R. Evans, born in Gouverneur in 1920. He had distinguished service in World War II and married Della Woods in 1948.


McClellan Saddle with Stirrups and Straps used by Calvin Mitchell and donated by Ethel Mitchell through Lois Mitchell, former librarian at the Gouverneur Library.


More about Calvin, his brother Lewis, and this saddle


The Military room is full of personal effects and souvenirs of war, like the Dragoon uniform and the collection of World War II guns donated by Roger Rumble.

  1. WWII Japanese 7mm Army Rifle captured on the beach during the invasion of Okenowa in 1945.

  2. WWII Japanese 25 cal. Sniper's Rifle captured on the beach during the innovation of Iwo Jima, 1945.

  3. WWII Japanese 25 cal. Carbine Rifle captured on the beach during the invasion of Saipan in 1945.  

  4. Thompson Submachine Gun Calibre 45.

WWII Uniform of Mario Pistolesi


Ben Barker enlisted in the Army Air Force Reserve in Oct.1942. He was later in the Civil Air Patrol.


Outfit worn by Red Cross Volunteers over their clothing. World War I era.


Leon Sterling wore this uniform as a sailor in World War II.


The Gouverneur High School Honor Roll recognizes those individuals who served in our country's military during World War II.


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