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War of 1812 Uniform

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This NY State Militia uniform was worn during the War of 1812. The man who wore it was a member of the Dragoons, which was mounted Infantry.


The Battle of Sackett's Harbor took place on May 29,1813, during the War of 1812. A British force swept across Lake Ontario in an attempt to capture the town, which was the principal dockyard and base for the American naval squadron on the lake. They were successfully repulsed by American regulars and militia.


One of those militia men wore this uniform shirt. Note the buttons on the shirt, could be used as musket balls.

This uniform top was donated to the museum by Ora Spencer Fuller. It was brought home by her great grandfather, Colonel James Spencer. James' father, Dr. John Spencer came to Cambray in April, 1807 from Windsor, Connecticut and was the first practicing physician here. In 1810, Cambray was detached from Oswegatchie and formed the town of Gouverneur, being named after Gouverneur Morris, proprietor of the land. The first town meeting was held at Dr. Spencer's home on March 5, 1811 and resulted in the election of Town Officers.

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