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The Really Big Show... case


This really big cabinet was acquired in 2021. By some miracle, it fit exactly in the Meeting Room, on the yellow brick wall. A big thank you to everyone who muscled the very large piece of furniture into the space.


The plan is to create speciality displays with items from the collection, or a private collection that has its roots in the Gouverneur area. The case has a glass front and can be securely locked. Stay tuned for future exhibits.

Exhibit #1. September, 2021 - May, 2022 — Vintage Toys - Lea Dickson & Friends - Toy Collection

Lea Dickson grew up a Gouverneur "village girl" in the Gouverneur of the 1950's and 1960's. Unlike many from that era, she still owns and displays some of the toys she and her brothers played with as they grew up. Featured in the showcase during the next few months, are toys from her childhood, along with a few strays from other people in her life. The index, as much as possible, details the origins of the various items. All were well loved during their childhood lives...and and now, beyond.


Top Row Left to Right:


  • Trolls, Uneeda Wishnik family, Thomas DAM 1960’s

  • “Molly McIntire” Bike, American Girl Doll, 1998. Pleasant Co. Company sold to Mattel 1998

  • Tin Train- Louis Marx & company 1920’s, Marx museum located in Moundsville, WV

  • “Buddy Lee” Engineer, Hard Plastic 1949, DH Lee Co, Lee jeans promotional doll

  • “Buddy Lee” Cowboy, Hard Plastic 1949, DH Lee Co, Lee jeans promotional doll

  • Battery Outboard Boat and Motor, Fleetline Wizard, 1950’s

Middle Row Left to Right:


  • “Alta”- Schoenhut wooden articulated doll 1911

  • “Melanie Suzanne”- Porcelain Cabbage Patch doll 1985

  • “Wendy”- Bob the Builder UK series, Applause, 2001

  • “Brenda Brush” - artist doll, 1967, Topper Toys, The Go Go Dolls, 1 of 8

  • Talking “Woody” -  Toy Story I collection, 1995

  • “Jesse” -  Toy Story II collection

  • Ranch House with original furnishings, T. Cohn, 1956

  • Emenee banjo with case, 1950’s, Emenee Toy Co, Flushing NY 1949. Sold to Ohio Art 1968


Bottom Row Left to Right:


  • “Baby Sinclair” ("Not the Mama!!") from Jim Henson’s “Dinosaurs” animated series

  • Cupie doll

  • Talking “Larry the Lion”-Mattel Yackers, 1964

  • Talking “Chester O’Chimp”-Mattel Yackers, 1965

  • Porcelain Babies, 1970’s

  • “Norinne” & “Patience” in settee- Composition, 1920-1930

  • Emenee accordion with songbook 1950’s, Emenee Toy Co, Flushing NY 1949. Sold to Ohio Art 1968

  • The Music Master harmonica, made in Saxony, Germany

  • Emenee pipe organ with songbook 1950’s, Emenee Toy Co, Flushing NY 1949. Sold to Ohio Art 1968

The photos, below, will magnify. Roll your cursor over them.

Top Row Left to Right


Dealer promotional model cars, Seaker-Graves Motor Company, Gouverneur, NY 1915-1990 - Promo cars manufactured by Product Miniature Co (PMC)

  • 1958 Chevrolet, 

  • 1973 Camaro

  • 1962 ChevroletNova

  • 1963 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

  • 1958 Chevrolet Convertible


Middle Row Left to Right:


  • Lea Dickson’s toddler dress

  • "LuAnn" Teenage Doll, Doll Bodies

  • Norinne Dickson’s Doll clothes case with celluloid dolls inside

  • 2 Pickup Sticks

  • Tin toy windup Cowboy and Horse 1920’s

  • Yogi Bear, 1959, Knickerbocker Toy Co.

  • Various vintage games- 1920-1930’s (Crossword Lexicon -1930's, Pit -1920's, Touring-1920's, Quoits-1920's, Contack-1939, Peter Coddles Trip to NY-1925, Bradley's Croquet, Flinch-1903.

  • “Greggy” the rubber doll

  • Irwin the Incredible Crawling baby 1940's

  • Wooden blocks

  • Brownie doll, Terri Lee Company, 1958 

  • Wooden Dutch Doll

  • Bisque Doll

  • Carnival celluloid doll 1920’s

  • “Sweet Rosemary” and kitty- Deluxe Reading Co. 1958.

  • Sewing Machine, 1920’s

  • Little bisque doll in rocker, 1920’s


Bottom Row Left to Right:


  • Chimp, Daishin, Japan, 1960’s

  • “Zippy the Chimp,” Rushton,  Howdy Doody Character, 1957 Montgomery Ward

  • Zippy’s Book

  • “Tilly the Talker” - 1960, Whimsie Doll, American Character and Toy Co., #16 in the series

  • “Bob and Suzette” - WT Grant’s exclusive, Uneeda, 1962

  • Tin Stove-1950’s, Wolverine Supply & Mfg. Co., Pittsburgh, PA

  • Red pots and pans- Wanna Toy company

  • Tin Refrigerator, butter dish, milk bottle, butter dish 1950’s- Louis Marx & Co., founded 1919 NY, NY

  • Aqua Wringer Washer- 1950’s, Girard Metal Works, Founded 1906, Girard, PA

  • Cardboard blocks

  • Photo of Lea Dickson, taken outside the Yellow Brick Road Doll and Toy Museum, Mullica Hill, NJ

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