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Peddler's Cart


Peddlers 3 Wheel Push Cart-1880’s

Frazer’s Dry Goods Store, Gouverneur NY.


The cart was Included in sale of the branch Frazer’s Dry Goods store in Antwerp, NY to Harriet and Albert Dickson, grandparents of Lea, Jeff and Greg Dickson.


Upon Hattie’s death in 1978, the cart was stored at the Seaker/Dickson home in Gouverneur until Lea took possession of the cart in 1992. Lea donated the cart to the Gouverneur Museum on August 31, 2021.


In Antwerp, the cart was used to move dry goods arriving at the train depot located just up the hill from the dry goods store. 

Dry goods are products such as textiles, ready-to-wear clothing, toiletries, and "grocery items (such as tobacco, sugar, flour, and coffee) that do not contain liquid." In US retailing, a dry-goods store carries consumer goods that are distinct from those carried by hardware stores and grocery stores. 

‘Dry goods’ is the collective name of textile fabrics and manufactured articles. There were hundreds and thousands of dry goods wholesaling stores and retail stores in America throughout towns and villages, engaging over one million people into the industry of dry goods trades.


Beginning in the early 20th century, many dry goods stores expanded into other lines of merchandise, and the term largely disappeared from both everyday usage and the official names of the businesses concerned. Wikipedia

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