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< Gouverneur Benefactors — Harvey and Mary Smith


Harvey Smith (1789 - 1864) was born in Pawlet, Vermont. Smith arrived in Gouverneur in 1824 and opened the first "Apothecary" store which operated until 1850. He held many positions of public trust. He was the Town Clerk for most of his adult life. He was elected Justice of the Peace in 1827, holding the position until his death. 

In 1829 he was elected to the State Assembly. He was Supervisor of Gouverneur from 1827 until 1835. In 1858 he was elected Surrogate of the County of St. Lawrence. He was a Trustee of the High School, Deacon of the Presbyterian Church, and an original Trustee of The Riverside Cemetery.

Smith was a man of extensive reading and fine culture with a sensitive and refined rnanor. His advice and opinions were often sought and followed.

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