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Gouverneur's First Fire Truck/Hose Cart

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Gouverneur’s first firetruck was a hand-drawn Hose Cart that was purchased when the first wooden water main was laid in Main Street from the bridge to Depot Street in 1868. Charles Anthony (1816-1892) was a founding Director and Treasurer of the Gouverneur Waterworks. This company laid a mile of wooden pipe (You can see a segment of the original pipe in the photo.) and put in 16 hydrants.

Gouverneur Hose Company No.1 was organized on April 29, 1868 with a hose-carriage, hose, hooks and ladders. The first fire company had been a bucket brigade, organized about 1859. This second fire brigade was organized in 1868 was the Gouverneur Hose Company No.1, complete with red shirts, hats and belts.

This hand-drawn cart was the only fire protection in 1875 when five buildings burned at Main and Park Street. 

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